Our family


We wish to thank all the people whom support Team Mortifieurs:    · Our families · Loic Voulot · Franck Mouren · Fabrice Poujade · Nicolas Cardi · Ulrich Stahr · Franck Letourneau · Grégory Praud · Sébastien Semet · Marat Dunyashev · Victoria Sarentseva · Xavier Martin · Team Camp Carnage · Team Association Adrénaline Paintball. The people of: Fédération de Paintball Sportif · Millennium Series · WarTown Series · Baltic Sea Cup · P8ntbox · Spirit of Paint. And all our friends all over the world…


We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all our amazing, faithful and reliable partners:  Paintball Camp · Dye Paintball · Le projet K · Energy paintball


We wish to thank all the photographers whom allow us to preserve and share those exciting paintball adventures. Thank you guys for illuminating the passion, lifestyle and Mortifieurs culture behind the greatest pictures that you took:  Marc-Gregor Campredon · Erik Chateau · Ole Kröger · Henrik Lundmarker · Steve McRoberts · Christoph Noga · Carlos Rato · Jean Wlodarski